Tawazun Holding is the investment branch of the Offset Program Bureau (an agency which oversees implementation of the UAE Offset Program, securing domestic investments to develop the UAE economy).

Tawazun Holding was created recently, specifically to diversify the UAE’s oil-dominated economy by focusing on the development and expansion of selected emerging companies across a wide range of industrial and commercial disciplines.

Tawazun got off to a promising start by acquiring the assets and subsidiaries of Caracal International - the first national arms manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates.  The Caracal assets include ownership of the German company, Merkel, a manufacturer of hunting rifles and shotguns with production lines in Germany, as well as distribution networks all over Europe and the United States.

Tawazun has also entered into a joint venture to build Burkan, the United Arab Emirate's first munitions factory.  The joint venture partners are Germany’s Rheinmetall Munitions Systems and Abu Dhabi-based Al Jaber Trading Establishment (part of the Al Jaber Group).

Tawazun has recently launched a project to build the Caracal Shooting Club, the Gulf’s newest and finest shooting club. Located at a purpose-built extension of the prestigious Abu Dhabi Officers' Club, the shooting club boasts a lavish shooting range, along with a broad range of amenities including a simulation shooting range, an impressive gift shop, and a luxury coffee shop.

Tawazun, under its CEO, Saif Mohamed Al Hajeri, has adopted an aggressive and upbeat investment strategy, designed to drive change within the marketplace.  

Tawazun will inspire emerging companies by providing precisely what they need to succeed.

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